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Sometimes you just find another piece of your puzzle …

“Ich bin Dorothea, verheiratet und habe mit Anni (4) und Ben (8) 2 tolle Kinder.
Außerdem liebe ich Mode und das schon immer! Mode war für mich immer eine wunderbare Unterstützung um auszudrücken, wie ich mich gerade fühle!”
Dorothea Marx. Sommer 2018

I have not written a note in a long time. Going through my e-mails today reading Doro’s answer on what matters to her and her motivation to join Miamor I noticed that my response was long overdue …

Dorothea Marx from Germany has joined the Miamor team and we are so happy about it. In summer of 2018 I received a message from her husband Lars explaining that they were interested in Miamor accessories and our story. After just a few e-mails, phone calls and messages not ever having personally met it was clear that Doro had to be part of Miamor.

We know it sounds a bit crazy but that is the beauty of trust and gut feelings.

So why else?

Doro as stated in German above, I am sure the majority does not know this funny sounding language, is a working mom who loves her family & friends, is passionate about fashion and always open to new ideas. Staying in Miamor language… she is a true gem and only getting started. From the start she was curious about our mission, asking question over question, doing online classes about all of our gems & materials but the best about her is her creativity! If you need a customized Miamor item on top of our collection for yourself, a friend or even an event she will do her best to create the perfect Miamor gift with us. Doro became part of our #teamlove very fast which proves to us…. When people click and believe in the same mission they can do magic together!

If you have any questions or just would like to say hi to Doro then send her a message

Share your Magic,


(Founder of Miamor)

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