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A word from the Founder of MIAMOR

The year 2006 was the turning point in my life. We packed our bags and moved to Miami. Until today, I remember getting off the plane into the tropical summer air, which gave me goosebumps. As many say, coming to Miami is like being born again.


All my life I have enjoyed cheering up my family and friends with funny texts and little things to make other lives better. One day someone told me »with the passion you have for others you should turn it into a business, people like your easy vibe«. A seed was planted, but it needed to connect to the magic of the city I was living in. My inspiration came light when I saw a friend write »MIAMOR« on a parking ticket instead of the 6 letter license plate. Seeing this sent off light bulbs! Not only does MIAMOR mean »My love« in Spanish, it also carries the international code for the city of Miami. With this incredible link to Miami’s strong latin culture the name for our project was born. MIAMOR – Miami – my love.


In our core, we believe that regardless of the fast paced lives we might live, there is always time to enjoy the moment. We share with the people we love. Now we want to create special moments and share little reminders we can carry wherever life might take us. We believe in the power of giving back and supporting others to fully reveal their own magic. Last but not least, I feel lucky to have found one great woman who shares the same crazy love I feel for this magical place! We are MIAMOR.

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