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Behind the scenes

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Our lifestyle photo shoot in Miami Beach with Aram, Lena, Sofia, Stephanie and I.

A day of #teamlove!

In June Stephanie and I had organized everything for our Miamor lifestyle shoot in

Miami Beach.

Stephanie and I decided to work with women with hardly any experience in modeling because Miamor is all about authenticity. We chose Lena and Sofia who were adventurous enough to join our team for a day. They immediately liked our idea; a brand for women by women sharing real moments.

On our way to the beach Stephanie had already texted us.

“Astrid, darn… it is so windy, the sea is wild and the sand it flying all over the place!”

Don't worry…we will make this our day!”

… and we did. Lena and Sofia turned into absolute pros in front of the camera with some instructions and help from Stephanie and Aram and I turned into a perfect team behind the scenes.

The weather conditions were challenging! Our hair flying everywhere, sand blew into our eyes, our accessories were covered by sand over and over again.

Regardless of every little problem that day we had so much fun! Always spend time with people who enjoy working together. You will stop worrying and teamwork turns into #teamlove.

A special “Thank you” to Aram, Lena and Sofia for sharing magic with us!

Take a look,

Astrid & Stephanie

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